choosing the best 医疗保险 补充 计划

医疗保险 补充 计划或Medigap保险 plan 填补原始人留下的基本福利方面的空白 Medicare, Part A and Part B. It is intended to cover out-of-pocket costs that are not usually covered by the original 医疗保险 计划 such as deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments, dental care, hospitalization, and some prescriptions, etc.

If you become unable to work and need to pay for your own medical treatment, 医疗保险 补充 保险 计划 offers the advantage of being covered by this policy. These 计划s pay much of the premium for the medicines and facilities if you have 医疗保险 Parts A or B.

There are several Medigap 计划s expressly intended to provide for the services and drugs that 医疗保险 does not provide for. There is no coverage, including mammograms and routine checkups, for hospital visits or preventive care.

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如果您患有Medicare所造成的伤害或疾病,您的保险提供者将实际支付医疗费用’t pay for, so you’我将不得不自己支付大部分账单。

If you are trying to buy an individual package through 医疗保险, remember that it can be complicated and very time-consuming to find how to pick the best 医疗保险 补充 计划. To help you out, below are some useful tips.


The tips discussed below have really helped lots of people choose the best 医疗保险 补充 计划 for themselves. The 计划 that suits Mr. A might not be appropriate for Mr. B due to individual and health differences. Follow the tips below:


There are many firms that specialize in supplying 医疗保险 recipients with health care services. It is essential that the organization offers facilities for the type of 医疗保险 补充 计划s you seek before selecting a 计划.


You should be able to make a few adjustments in the way that you shop in order to get the best 医疗保险 保险 计划. You should think about how much you’而不是单单看价格,每个月都会真正地支付费用以及您的特殊需求。

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When you have decided the particular items you will need to get covered, you can search for 医疗保险 补充 计划s that will provide you with this coverage.


If there are many businesses providing this form of service, comparing their 计划s would be necessary to find one that provides the lowest rates.

为了简化这项工作,请查看一些在线资源。例如,由以下人员创建了Medicare 补充公司的完整概述及其所提供的利益: 蓝波保险服务.





Any scheme that does not have enough coverage is not worth the money and should be avoided. You are looking for a 医疗保险 补充 计划, after all, because it does not cover those vital services you may require, such as hearing 艾滋病,视力测试和定期牙科保健。


您还可以计算多少预算’re going to use. It’了解您每月多少钱很重要’再付款和您的金额’re expected to pay.

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There are 10 types of 医疗保险 补充 计划s, with Plan F being the most popular type. All types include Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. As it offers at least some coverage for all forms of Medigap benefits, Plan F became the most common.

how to choose the best 医疗保险 补充 计划

These advantages include everything from Part A and B deductible coverage to co-insurance for qualified nursing facility care. Various Medigap benefits are provided by any of the ten separate 医疗保险 补充 计划s.


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It is important to note that these 医疗保险 补充 计划s only cover one person, so if your 伙伴 还需要一个,他/她必须购买一个单独的医疗保险计划。 医疗保险补充计划最有利的要素之一是,即使您开始遭受健康问题的困扰,承保范围仍然可以续签。如果您已经有了Medicare医疗储蓄帐户计划,那么您将无法购买Medicare补充计划,除非您离开了前一个计划。

A variety of forms of coverage that are not directly provided by a 医疗保险 补充 计划 is available. They include:

  • 视力保健
  • 牙齿保健
  • 长期护理
  • 眼镜
  • 助听器


For seniors who want to prevent expensive costs that could put a dent in their retirement accounts, 医疗保险 补充 计划s are widely seen as necessary. There are several reasons why a 医疗保险 补充 计划 should be open to all seniors:




If you make sure to pay your premiums, 医疗保险 补充 benefits are also renewable for life, so you will never risk losing the coverage due to regular claims or lifetime maximums. If you have the program, the benefits of the 医疗保险 补充 计划 you earn are still locked in.

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关于这些计划,绝对没有网络规则。如果您是医生,您的计划也将有资格’在考虑考虑支持Medicare。重要的是要注意,这些Medicare补充计划未涵盖任何D部分处方药的承保范围。因此,你’如果您需要定期使用药物,则仍然需要选择单独的Plan D策略。


For someone who has 医疗保险 and needs to ensure their continued wellbeing, 医疗保险 补充s are a great choice. By calling the 保险 provider and asking for a 医疗保险 补充 保险 计划, these 计划s can then easily be bought.


It can be tough for anyone to select the best 医疗保险 补充 计划. There are several choices to choose from, and exploring all of them is very important. You’ll find that the most reliable are also the organizations that have the best websites, customer service, the best deals, and the best 计划s.

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